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Status Pre Production

Genre Comedy

Screenplay Simon Ludgate & Slaine Kelly

Never come between a mother and her pups.

Julie, a spoilt, entitled, thirty-something rich girl who has never worked a day moves her life in a gesture of defiance and spiritual drought from Boston, Mass to Munich, Germany. She is desperate to escape her own life and her eccentric parents.

She starts the first job of her life and gets fired after three days. Julie thinks she is arrogant, paranoid, self-centred, insecure and unlikeable. She isn't really any of these things but can't see it as her self-loathing poisons everything she does. Her retribution comes though confronting her fear of animals.

Out of desperation and not a little contrariness she takes on a freelance gig as a dog walker in the big city. This wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't terrified of dogs and had blackmailed her ex-boss to finance her. Her love-life, career and dog relationships have the same revolving door policy and she fails to see her ex-boss is falling in love with her because of his psycho girlfriend and his own mother's meddling.

But the dogs prove to be her big break from her own self-loathing and other bad habits. Julie's salvation is a deeply-hidden generosity of spirit, the love of an unlikely admirer and because she just has very funny bones.

Tails of the City is based on the experiences of writer and director Simon Ludgate running a real-life dog walking agency in London for five years where he had 250 doggie clients.

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