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Light Warriors

Status Pre Production

Genre Horror-Comedy | Fantasy
Screenplay Sean Stone | John Schramm

Director Sean Stone

Last year, a serial killer styling himself as ‘Dracula’ terrorized a sleepy town near Mt. Shasta, California. Sean King’s police officer dad sacrificed himself to end Dracula’s reign of terror. This year, kids are disappearing all over again. And now, it’s up to Sean, a 15 year-old high school kid, and his classmates Patrick and Luke, to solve the mystery. After band practice, they’re going to have to face the Mothman, Zombies, the Mummy, the Wendigo, and . . . Dracula’s Son. Thankfully, their garage rock band’s lead singer Kristen is a white witch who’s full of tricks.
But when the stakes get pulled out and portals start to open, the group must literally fight to save the world. Can young Sean lead the squad to become Light Warriors against the forces of darkness?

Or will skepticism divide his friends and keep them from banding together to defeat the monsters of childhood’s lore?

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