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The Diary Of Kate The Ripper

Status Pre Production

Genre Horror | Mystery | Thriller

Screenplay Eddy Sanchez

Director Eddy Sanchez

In a post Coronavirus world, wearing a face mask and gloves aren’t the only concerns of MARY (20’s), who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder and is the granddaughter of the infamous serial killer... Jack The Ripper.

Mary finds refuge with her psychotherapist, DR. FELDMAN (MOTHER) (50’s), who prescribes Mary medicine to keep her evil alter Kate at bay. Mary is terrified of the damage Kate would cause if she resurfaced. Mary gets a job at a coffee shop, owned by Fiona (late 50’s) who becomes a close friend and second mother. One night, Mary walks herself home and comes across a group of thugs led by O’Connor (40’s) She is cornered and raped, pushing Kate to the forefront of her consciousness as the protector—-now thirsting for the taste of revenge and meticulously planning the murders of the men involved in her rape.On a mission of her own, Fiona pushes Mary and DETECTIVE JOHN WALKER (30’s) to pursue a romantic relationship together. Under Detective John Walker’s nose, Kate continues her killing spree while lighting a flame in his heart. When he finally realizes Kate’s part in the bloodshed, he sides with her. Together they fight back against corruption by using Kate’s Diary as their secret weapon, which wields the power to heal her from any injury as well as amazing strength. Fearing that sweet Mary will forever be overpowered by Kate, Dr. Feldman steals the Diary—reveals herself to be Mary/Kate’s mother—then kills herself to save her daughter from the monster growing inside Mary.

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