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A young black officer, Ben Mofokeng and a retired white veteran, Garth Hunter are teamed together and ordered to form an elite crack unit tasked with apprehending a new killer on the loose.

Ideal Johannesburg life with its mandatory muggings and killings is thrown into panic mode due to the new kind of killings found. Society and in particular the Police are appalled by the methodical and ritualistic form these new murders. Police investigations soon reveal they have a unique serial killer at lose.

With the killer laying waste to selected victims and police tasked with apprehending him, the media sensational reporting only heighten the overall panic threatening to descend into chaos and mob justice and vigilantism as perceived victims scramble to defend themselves.

The Provincial Premier and City Mayor demand that the police solve the murders and restore ‘order and public confidence’

With mutilated bodies pilling up and time running out to find a missing girl, Ben Mofokeng and Garth Hunter’s crack unit find themselves working 24/7 to track and apprehended the killer who always manages to stay one step ahead and seems to appear, strike and disappear like a phantom.

Hunters Dominion

Status Pre Production

Genre Thriller | Action

Screenplay Carlos Da Silva


The idea of creating an action drama show that involves two hero figures, one African the other Caucasian to hunt and capture one of the most dangerous serial killers ever encountered in the brutal history of police investigation and is anchored on the country’s desire to find and forge national and racial harmony between the different races almost 20 years since the advent of democracy.


Framed in a Killer’s line of sight


Two police officers from different races and eras are brought together and tasked with apprehending a ruthless serial killer, forced to put aside their mutual dislike / antagonism, the two have to lead a newly formed crack elite unit comprised of the best brains and firepower in the South African Police Service (SAPS), the South African Defense Force (SANDF) and Emergency Search and Rescue Units (ERU).


No price is too high for revenge or too much for law, order and justice.


Can two police officers from different eras and police ideologies put aside their differences and work together to stop a ruthless serial killer laying waste to a City’s Narcotics underworld and Police service?


The concept of this feature film is to introduce an element of threat through a foreign means thus bringing our two heroes from different cultures together for the first time in order to solve the trail of crime and terror left behind the wake of our terrorist serial killer.

As opposed to political, ideological and religious motives behind many terror campaigns of the world, this terrorist serial killer is making his mission very personal. But his mission becomes two fold.

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