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In Rot tanzen

Strictly Salsa

Status Pre Production 

Genre Romantic | Music | Dance

Screenplay Evgeniya Rakitina-Qureshi

Oppressed, alone and motherless, Vicki is ruled by her father. She discovers the world of Latin Salsa but her happiness is marred by homelessness and a revelation about her long forgotten mother which leads her to an agonizing choice between Salsa, her family and love.


STRICTLY SALSA is an a Romantic / Music / Dancefeature film the core of which is blended with the theme of discovering one’s true identity and character, spiced with Latin Salsa dance. The theme of Latin Salsa dance and music makes it a project of great interest and brings to the film an already established audience. “Strictly Salsa” is a galloping romantic dance film with strong dialogue, music and lush, cinematic sequences that transport the viewer to the seductive land of Latin Salsa. It is a commercial, but original script that’s a stellar “star-vehicle” to boot! West Side Story meets Fame.

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