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Diversion Of Nature

Status Pre Production

Screenplay Simon P. Thorp

Director T.B.A.

Scott Mitchell, a Zoologist at a safari park near London, is aware that is his wife Kate is secretly having an affair. Concerned about his marriage, and trying to keep his family intact, he takes up an offer from Kate’s father Daniel Rannoch as Chief Ranger at the newly developed Diamond Heights Conservation Park which is dep within the picturesque forests and mountains of Scotland.

As Scott struggles to rekindle his relationship with Kate, he battles with his guilt about a car accident which happened 8 months prior where his negligence led to his 15-year-old daughter Kayley being paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair. Settling in their new environment, Scott’s hope for a peaceful new life are disenchanted as animals are found deformed. Kate performs necropsies to find the cause with disturbing results affecting the environment. As one of the rangers is brutally attacked and killed along with hunters and hikers throughout the park, Scott and his deputy Luke Glenn must track what they believe to be a deranged bear.

Scott soon discovers that the former Chief Harvey Nelson was not killed in a mysterious crash with his wife Sandra two months prior, but by the very beast they are hunting. Daniel and E.P.A inspector, Myles Bailey, had conspired to conceal chemicals which had leaked into the lake. The animals contracted a virus from these chemicals causing their offspring to be deformed. Scott fears that the environment has been infected with a deadly virus caused by man’s neglect.

Scott and Kate’s 16-year-old daughter Holly have fallen for Cameron Nelson (Harveys’ son) who has inherited a wealthy fortune after his parent’s death. Scott discovers they have taken Kayley, along with some other friends, to the nearby holiday village to swim in the closed down pool and are completely unaware that the beast is lurking nearby. Scott and Kate race to the scene for one purpose – to kill this beast.

With edge of the seat suspense, a chilling story of greed, heart-warming romances and a conspiracy of destruction to our environment, Anomalous: The Birth will entertain and appeal to all ages . . .

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