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Kyra Morrison

Kyra was born in Belfast and lives in London. Educated in the United States and the UK, before living and having a high octane career across 4 continents. 


Golden Nugget International Film Festival

with quarterly live screenings in four cities in three European countries and an annual live screening and awards event.


Robert Sigl
Director, Author

After graduating from Munich Film School in 1987 Robert Sigl started preparations in Hungary for his first full-length motion picture Laurin (1989) which he also scripted. Laurin was awarded the Bavarian Film Award for "Best Direction of a newcomer."


Mefa Dämgen

On the traces of HOWARD MARKS aka "MR. NICE"


Simon Ludgate
Director, Author

Simon Ludgate is a director and writer, known for Edmund the Unready, Gabriel's Lyre and Tails of the City.


Wega Film Vienna

The Wega Film Vienna films produced by Veit Heiduschka have earned over 100 International awards and 70 nominations, including 3 wins at the Cannes Film Festival.


Peacock Film Finance

We want our investors to feel a part of the exciting and creative process behind our projects that more traditional investments simply cannot offer.

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