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MAKING OF (with Theme Song):

Der Fal?che Mann

Status Completed

Genre Thriller

Director Markus Hafner

The Wrong Man tells the story of three crooks who kidnap a supposed banker. But before the perpetrators can make their ransom demand, they discover that they seem to have kidnapped the wrong man. Or maybe not...?


Their victim, Alexander Richter, claims to be a dentist and only has his practice in the same building as the bank. But because the real banker happens to be having an affair with Richter's wife, Julia, the kidnappers should make the ransom demand on Richter's wife...

The Wrong Man is a dark, atmospheric confusion game with many twists that plays with the identity of the kidnapped until the surprising resolution. The independent feature film is part complex chamber play, part uncompromising thriller.

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Horst Wüst Grabowski
Aurel Bereuter Dr. Alexander Richter
Rinaldo Talamonti Fred
Christian Packbier Nino
Patricia Aulitzky Julia Richter
Charles Rettinghaus Peter Westhoff
Jelena Djordjevic Policewoman
Sandra Weller Ms. Weber
Andreas Heinzel Policeman #1
Katrin Hopmann Policeman #2
Josef Gsödl Policeman #3
Maximilian Graf Policeman #4
Johann Öttl Paramedic #1
Monika Öttl Paramedic #2
Marcus Ballin Mickey
Iman Singer

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