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Status Pre Production

Genre Action | Fantasy | Science Fiction

Screenplay Christian Pichler

Director Christian Pichler

Being left with amnesia after a car crash, Joshua Warrencroft finds himself to be the target of intelligence agents and secret societies.

His journey to rediscovery forces him to face the demons of the after world where he solves the riddle of the Sphinx and finds enlightenment through the mythical Emerald Tablets.

As he discovers the lost Atlantis inside earth where dragons and primordial creatures stand in his way he learns of his godly connection and life’s purpose to restore the light in this world to cease evil for eternity.

Joshua Warrencroft awakens and discovers the bodies of his murdered parents. Unable to remember a thing he stumbles over Mary MacLeod, a stranger eager to help him regain his memory. While authorities launch an investigation, disturbing visions of tormented spirits plague his mind. MI5’s spiritualist medium Alesea nearly breaks through Joshua’s amnesia when mercenaries led by Illuminati Finlay Lennox carry out a violent attack.


Finlay takes him to the underground world of Rudloe Manor which bears the secret of alien presence on earth. He reveals that Joshua is a clone project of ancient blood found in a hidden tomb during African expeditions. Extraterrestrial hybrids held in DNA research labs attack Finlay and his men and aid his escape. Joshua and Alesea find shelter with Richard, who introduces them to the eternal battle between light and darkness. Legend has it that twelve crystal skulls and the ark of the covenant could open a primordial dimension that will cease that timeless battle once and for all. He concludes that the cloning of conceivable godly blood found in an ancient tomb could have forced a deity’s essence into Joshua’s body and be the key to it all. They track down a scion of the last Knights Templar who helps them reach the mythical Hall of Records.

Meanwhile Mary turns out to be Joshua’s primeval nemesis and gains a loyal protege in Finlay. With Mary on their heels, Joshua finds enlightenment through the Emerald Tablets. A galactic battle ensues when Mary forces her way into the Hall and Joshua escapes with the help of Anubis and his jackalheaded sentinels.

Joshua and Alesea make their way to the Antarctica and encounter alien hybrids in an abandoned underground Nazi base who grant them access to a world within the world, Atlantis.

He opens the primordial dimension with the crystal skulls and the lost ark when Mary reveals her draconic essence and fashions demons destined to destroy all light. With the battle almost lost, Joshua persuades the servants of darkness and chases his nemesis to the end of the world to restore the balance between the two forces.

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