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Status Pre Production

Genre Fantasy | Musical | Romantic | Family

Screenplay Chrystal Rose

Director Leslie Small

An independent 17-year-old, with a baby on the way, leaves the love of her life, an abusive stepdad and a dependent mother, making herself a promise – to be fabulous by 30.


FLICK FOREST is thrown out by her aggressive stepfather, FRANK, at the age of seventeen for getting pregnant and he declares she’ll be a failure by 30. Flick ultimately decides to hide her pregnancy from her boyfriend, BLAKE, for fear of ending his music career with band Cyclone, just before it’s begun. Relying on state assistance while she has her daughter, CLARE, Flick is determined to be self-sufficient and prove Frank wrong. Shortly after having Clare, Flick’s mother, KATHY, stops by to deliver some home goods to help Flick out. It’s a goodbye of sorts as she refuses to leave her abusive husband. All the while, Cyclone have become world-wide superstars with their music playing through every radio and their faces are on every magazine Flick encounters.

Rejected from multiple job applications for being too young or not having enough educational qualifications, Flick finally catches a break working as a cleaner at Fusion Magazine. Now friends with GREGG and ROXY from work and SUE from Clare’s nursery, Flick finally has some people in her corner. Grateful for employment, but longing to work in her true passion—fashion, Flick attempts to submit her designs to Tula Temple, Fusion Magazine’s own Miranda Priestly. Tula has not a single care for Flick and tosses her sketches in the bin. Gregg, Tula’s assistant, sympathises with Flick and invites her to the office’s Christmas party with a caveat to dress to impress. With Sue’s magnificent makeup skills and Flick’s original creation that she dons for the party, Flick gains the attention of Fusion’s CEO, PAUL, who hires Fick as Tula’s assistant.

After months of having all her designs shot down by Tula, Gregg helps Flick set a design pitch to Paul while Tula is misdirected across town. The meeting goes so well, Paul fires Tula and hires Flick to replace her. For a moment, all is well for Flick who seems to be achieving her dreams well before 30, as well as for Blake whose fame—and cocaine use—continues to grow.

Just as Flick is about to host her first fashion show to reveal her first line, Fusion is shut down by the police as she and Paul are arrested for running a Ponzi scheme with Fusion’s investor money. Flick is also implicated in the crime by her once boss, Tula Temple and takes the wrap to shield Tula’s disabled son. Meanwhile, Blake learns that he must stop singing and snorting cocaine or else he’ll never be able to sing again . . .

30 & Fabulous

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