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The Blind Room

Status Pre Production

Genre Horror | Thriller

Screenplay Robert Sigl

Director Robert Sigl

A psychological thriller about the disintegration of a woman’s mind.

But is she really insane?


“Rosemary’s Baby” meets “The Others”


Following the kidnapping of her little daughter, Anna Laura MacPhearson starts to develop symptoms of a lethal sensitivity to daylight and suffers from abdominal cramps and hallucinations. Unlike her husband, the oil billionaire Maurice, she still clings to the hope that her daughter is still alive. Strange telephone calls and video tapes containing bizarre footage make Anna Laura believe Maurice is keeping a horrible secret from her. When the kidnapper strikes again and also takes her second child Anna Laura succeeds in following his trail and is to make shocking discoveries; about the real fate of her children, her husband’s involvement in a snuff-movie-cult and, eventually, her own sanity …

THE BLIND ROOM is like an onion from which you remove layer after layer until you get to its ultimate one – beneath which lies the final revelation. Beware as the worst nightmare happens when you are not dreaming at all.

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