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Status Pre Production

Genre Action | Adventure | Fantasy

Story Evgeniya Rakitina-Qureshi
Screenplay Evgeniya Rakitina-Qureshi & Taraq Qureshi

To find the Heart of Stone She will sacrifice everything . . . Except Love



Abandoned as a child and unaware of her true identity, Victoria is a swashbuckling pirate - as well as a master of disguise - in the fervor of the 18th century. Her life's dream is to fulfill the prophecy of a sorceress: to find and harness the power of the Heart of Stone, an ancient artifact which will solidify her leadership among the Caribbean pirates. Hot on her trail is Lord Smythe, an evil British sorcerer and master of voodoo who wants to use the power of the Heart of Stone to usurp the British Crown. As their paths cross, Victoria must travel to England to learn the whereabouts of the Stone. Posing as a noble French lady, she is attracted to a playboy prince and witnesses the intrigues of the royal court. She returns to the Caribbean and captures the Stone, harnessing its power. Her victory is short-lived, however, as Lord Smythe and the King's Navy begin a ruthless pursuit. He seizes the Stone from her, and Victoria makes a stunning discovery about her past - one that could destroy her career as a pirate and turn her closest allies against her.


Victoria Black

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