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The Garden Of Aden

Status Pre Production

Genre Drama

Writer Bader Ben Hirsi

Director Bader Ben Hirsi

In Aden, Yemen, Muslim Locals And Mother Teresa Nuns Volunteer In A Care Home Creating A Haven Of Coexisting Cultures, Races And Creeds, Until ISIS Arrive Turning Their Oasis Of Peace Into A Living Hell.

Based on true events that occurred in 2016, the Garden of Aden tells the story about the beauty of the unknown Yemeni culture being ripped apart by outside forces. Creating what seemed like a perfect enclosure of love, coexistence and tolerance of differences, local Muslim Yemenis volunteer alongside the Mother Teresa nuns and Ethiopian immigrants in a care home for disabled and elderly in Aden, Yemen. As the hidden culture of Yemen is discovered by the African and Indian volunteers, terrorists arrive with hateful ideologies that do not permit this union to exist. Commencing a tormenting ordeal of hide and seek, ISIS hunt the nuns and mayhem ensues. With the elderly residents protesting, the sisters are dragged out to the central courtyard. The love between the sisters and Yemenis remains steadfast to the end; the Muslim women risk their lives throwing themselves in front of the sisters as body shields to protect them. The garden courtyard that once was an exquisite oasis of peace becomes a bloodbath. The priest is kidnapped and only the Mother Superior and the surviving elderly live to tell the story. The Garden of Aden does not conventionally begin with the dilemma and end with a positive resolution. Rather, it shows the solution already in place and ends with the problem destroying the solution. As the only theatrical movie touching on the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis in Yemen today, this story subtly but symbolically touches on the wider problem of outside forces destroying the inner peace in Yemen.

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