Status Pre Production

Genre Comedy

Screenplay Drew Foerster

Director Charles Matthau



To win a bet, TED a geeky high school illusionist, must sleep with SEVEN GIRLS – each embodies one of the seven deadly sins – or he will lose his life-long dream . . . going to Harvard.



Ted’s mother has fled the country…with ALL his college money! Lucky for Ted, his sworn ENEMY since second grade has the answer to how he can attain his life-long dream of attending HARVARD…

A BET: Ted must sleep with SEVEN GIRLS in seven weeks.
THE PROBLEM: Ted is a virgin. Somehow, Ted checks off ENVY, GLUTTONY, SLOTH, GREED, WRATH and LUST from the list. The last one left… PRIDE, but she’s committed to his failure because she is his ENEMY’S GIRLFRIEND!
With just one more hook-up between Ted and Harvard, will PRIDE come before his fall?