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Status Pre Production

Genre Western

Producers James Daly | Neil Gardiner | Willi Kamarad

Director Nicholas Winter

In search of a missing sister in a town of dark secrets of the past

After a successful heist the three Larson brothers and a band of outlaws escape to continue their exploits of criminality leaving behind them a dangerous loose end, in the guise of Faith Carson. Faith, once a trusted partner of the Larson brothers has been left for dead. Relentlessly pursued by the law and running on empty she chances upon a prostitute who tells her of a promising new border town Wolves' Creek, a town simple on the surface, harbours deep secrets of its own. At first the Larson brothers think the town rich and easy pickings, intimidating the locals and teasing the women. The town's preacher, Clive Haizie controls the town and is unconcerned by the Larson brothers exploits until Faith Carson arrives.

Faith is welcomed to the flock but when she threatens to unearth the towns past demons and rattle a few cages the preacher, the Larson Brothers and the rest of the town folk want to silence Faith by any means possible. Faith, headstrong and stubborn will stop at nothing to exact revenge on the Larson brothers even if it means taking down the whole town with them.

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