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Good Screenplays

Good Screenplays LLC is an Atlanta based boutique production house that features award-winning creatives, global strategic partners, and diverse creative teams. With an emphasis on collaboration with our worldwide entertainment syndicate, Good Screenplays thrives at delivering a broad spectrum of award-winning entertainment across film, streaming, television, theater, music, and live events in a variety of genres, including sci-fi, action, horror, comedy, musicals, and animation.


Clever Films

Clever Films will be producing highly entertaining feature films for an international home entertainment audience. Primarily our content is initially horror feature films aimed at young audiences and also audiences that are young at heart. Our aim is clear to thrill and excite viewers from the start of the film until the closing credits.


Miles Anthony Associates

MAA is a multifaceted International talent agency representing & managing some of the world’s most talented actors, entertainers and Film/TV production support staff. MAA’s mission is to enhance the global opportunities, maximize the revenue potential, and secure significant work for our diverse group of prestigious clients.


AMG Films International

AMG Films International was founded in London in 2009, focussing on Artists, Consulting and Film, evolving into an international film financing & movie production company. Developing stories and scripts for screen: budgeting, scheduling, packaging, pitching, financing, securing attachments and casting - guiding and cultivating talent, creating quality co-productions and inevitably creating jobs and community wealth - giving back.


Peacock Film Finance


We want our investors to feel a part of the exciting and creative process behind our projects that more traditional investments simply cannot offer. Now more than ever there are sound financial reasons to consider film and television investment. Our team of media professionals vets each project for creative quality and financial potential. We undertake due diligence on each project for both financial potential and creative quality.

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