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Someone Dies Tonight

Status Shooting

Genre Thriller

Story Vjekoslav Katusin

Writer Konstantin Georgiou | Axel Melzener

Director Vjekoslav Katusin

Trying to escape the harsh Berlin winter, JESSICA DUKAKIS, a young Greek-German, plans to celebrate her birthday on the warm island of Crete. She’s accompanied by her boyfriend, the German soldier PAUL, by her best friend MARIA, the daughter of an Hungarian diplomat, and her pal FRANCO, an outgoing Italian DJ. The four travellers miss their plane and decide to go to Greece by car. Looking forward to a two-day road trip down the balkans, Jessica agrees to take a shortcut through Croatia, although her father had warned her not to do so.

The four get into a car accident with MARKO, a friendly young Croatian man. He promises to get their vehicle fixed and invites them to stay in his family’s beautiful hunting lodge nearby. The young people try to make the best out of the situation and party and relax in the middle of nowhere. They’re secretly being watched by two local gangsters, IVAN and LJUBOMIR – the four middle-Europeans have apparently gone in a well-prepared trap. Jessica is shocked when Marko tells her the next day that the accident was part of a set-up. Her father is indebted to a Croatian mob boss based in Berlin and he intends to take Jessica hostage to make her father pay back the money. Paul however, not intent of leaving his girlfriend to criminals, decides to fight and attacks Marko. This sets off a violent chain reaction. Paul is killed off by Ivan. Franco panicks and urges Jessica to turn herself in so he and Maria can survive the ordeal. Ivan and Ljubomir invade the lodge and a major fight ensues. Jessica and Maria are caught and locked up by the gangsters. Franco turns out to have been hand in glove with the criminals from the start. Like Jessica’s father, he owes money to the mob and it was his job to pilot Jessica to Croatia. Ivan shoots a video showing a desperate tied-up Jessica and e-mails it to her father to put him under pressure. Franco rapes Maria and she vows to take revenge on him. Ultimately, the two women free themselves and kill Franco and Ljubomir in the ensuing brawl and constrain Ivan. Jessica’s dad receives the video and confesses to his wife about his mistakes. They book a flight to Croatia to go there and save their daughter.

The mob boss phones his henchmen in the hut but is alarmed by the fact that they don’t answer his call. He orders three more local mobsters to go the lodge and find out the reasons. While Jessica’s parents have landed in Croatia and get closer to the hut, the gangsters arrive and a gory showdown ensues, during which Maria is killed. Jessica, as the «final girl», overcomes the attackers. One of them survives long enough, though, to kill off her dad shortly after he arrived at the hut. Jessica and her mom go back to Germany to bury the father. At the cemetary she meets the mob boss who had been behind all this. He claims that she inherited her father’s debts but she answers that she’d rather fight. A declaration of war that leads to a possible sequel.

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