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Grzegorz Walenda

– economist, journalist and screenwriter, author of the books "I'll Keep the Plan To Myself" (2006) and "Guess!" (2007) - published under the literary nickname G.W. Mackwall – as well as "Lennon's Solution" (2015) and “Happening” (2021).

Grzegorz Walenda_2021.05.27.jpg

I'll Keep The Plan To Myself

Status Pre Production

Genre Thriller

Screenplay Grzegorz Walenda

Executive Producer David L. Price

Director Jan Hryniak


Two same-looking men in a mysterious international thriller. A Spanish journalist seeking revenge for the killing of his father in his childhood by an ETA terrorist and a doctor from Argentina on a holiday trip to Poland, the country of his ancestors. The journalist wants to shoot the terrorist. He is led to his target by a secret criminal organization, which prepares for the killing a detailed plan.

The doctor – blackmailed by the same organization – is drawn into the plan, because he looks like the journalist and will replace him in an interview with the Polish president.

The interview will be a perfect alibi for the journalist, because simultaneously with the interview he will approach the hiding place of the ETA terrorist and shoot him. The doctor is forced to make the interview by the organization. If he does not do it, the life of a woman he met on his way to Poland, in Paris, and fell in love with, will be at stake.

When the international action develops – moving from Bilbao and Boston to Buenos Aires, Malaga and Rome, heading to Warsaw – and as Interpol tries to identify and capture the secret organization’s boss, a professional contract killer is also on his way to Poland’s capital.

What is his plan? You will be surprised!

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