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Genre Crime | Action | Thriller



Red Bosses tells the true-life story of Nadir Salifov, aka Guli, the singular person who was at the top of the world of organized crime in what used to be the Soviet Union. He was "The Godfather of Godfathers," so to speak. However, his was a criminal organization completely unlike the mafia in its roots, traditions and operational procedures. This is the first time ever that a Russian crime boss, contemporaneously being sought by authorities for apprehension, has allowed his life’s story to be recorded. He speaks about enemies, assassins, money, drugs and much more. Nothing is withheld. Nadir was the first Russian mobster who is strictly anti-drugs.


"Red Bosses" tells the astonishing story of the Russian underworld from the 1990's though today. About efforts by law enforcement agencies to hit and wipe them out in brutal, bloody conflicts. The rough storytelling describes the many, often contradictory, forces - legal, political, police, military and civil - that come together in the efforts to control drug trafficking, gambling, prostitution, human trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, theft and murder. The focus is on the notorious Russian Mafia godfather Nadir Salifov aka Guli and his companions, in a brutal war against the government and other godfathers who try to gain the upper hand and ultimately snuff him.

This is a story that has lasted for decades and is still ongoing.

After Guli's greatest enemy, godfather Rovshen Janiev, was killed in Istanbul in 2016, a bounty of 12 million dollars has been on Guli's head. The client is an oligarch and the surviving brother of Rovshen. A new “war” breaks out. This time with Chechen godfathers and the government doing everything they can to kill Guli. With the oligarch's financial support, government officials are bribed to issue an international arrest warrant for Guli. The efforts were successful and he was captured. Since his probationary release in 2017, Interpol has been tracking him around the world. A worldwide war breaks out in underworld and many pay for it with their lives. Businessmen all over the world have contributed to this. Oligarchs who are forced to withdraw from business have asked the European and Turkish law enforcement agencies for help to interfere with the business of the godfather. This season opens a complex and ruthless world of new characters. He was untouchable, except from his entourage.

On August 19. 2020 he got killed by his own trusted bodyguard. Nadir treated his bodyguard like family. He took care of him like a big brother, but the repayment was bullet in the head. It is rumoured that his betrayal cost millions.