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Status Pre Production

Genre Erotic | Thriller

Director Gérard Diefenthal


Lara’s a 25 years old attracting woman. She’s tall and lean with a prosperous natural breast. Its silhouette does not go unnoticed, and her long black hair adorn a seductive and austere visage. Her cultured good manners, coupled with her skills in the arts of seduction and body massage allow her to entertain men of the highest ranks. Lara is an high-end escort and with her job she can earn as much as 30 000 euro per month. He lives a comfortable life, packed with relentless shopping, spa treatments in exclusive resorts, travels and luxury restaurants.


Lara is a cynical sex machine that has learned to measure her satisfaction according to the cachet for its performance. One day, at a major store in the center of Rome, she meets Max, a shoe salesman who assists her choosing a pair of high-heel shoes for an important soiree. Soon between them a relationship of complicity and sympathy blossoms, as Lara sees in Max a man who she can trust.


Through relentless public relations activities with men of power, business men and government representative, she’s able to enter in the entourage of an important Italian government minister of which she manages to become the attendant and lover. Her stays in Rome became more frequent, as well as meetings with Max. Between a dinner with big shots of other European governments, a trip to Brussels and nights spent at Palazzo Chigi with the Minister she finds the time to meet her only roman friend. Using the excuse of a pair of shoes or a coffee, Lara continues to flirt with Max who's starting to fall in love with the beautiful lady as he gradually discovers her most fragile and sweet sides, so far from the ruthless 2000 € per night femme fatale. Lara feels good with Max and would like to flee her prostitute life, as the sense of power caused by the attendance of powerful men and their money, turns into disgust for herself and her reality. Lara is tired of being considered an object for sale and begins to consider the idea of quitting to start a new life with Max, who’s proposed to go to Miami together and open a shoe store for a famous Italian designer. But the luxury life, the comfort and greed weaken her good intentions. The Minister offers 50 thousand euro to have her with him at an important European congress in Geneva. Lara accepts it as her last gig, convinced to use that money to escape with Max in the States. During the conference, after a long party the drunken minister high on cocain, brings Lara into the room and starts to rape her. Lara in an attempt to defend herself grabs an heavy glass jar, smashes it to his skull.

Avoiding the security service, she manages to flee with a taxi to Monte Carlo at a friend of her. The case of the murdered Minister bounces on all the European media, while in Italy is spread the idea of a robbery ended in tragedy. Interpol is still on the trail of Lara, who has since met Jean, a French-Italian lawyer determined to defend her in front of the Italian courts and prove its legitimate defence against the sexual assault suffered.

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