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Flying Away

Status Pre Production

Genre Romance

Screenplay Tao Mijares

Director Tao Mijares

This is the story of an underprivileged, lost young woman, that finds atonement and redemption in the art of photography, in the magic of nature and, overall, through the true and endless Iove.

FLYING AWAY is the story of Sarah, a poor American girl from Texas, living a promiscuous life and being a meth addict; she is about to commit suicide. Toöo, a Mexican young man, photographer, rescues her. Helped by a Huichol Shaman, Toöo handles to rehab her from drugs and takes her to Mexico to help her continuing her recovering. Toöo lives with a sister, Rosa Maria and her family: Her husband, a daughter and a kid with autism. Rosa Maria doesn't accept Sarah at all. Toöo gets an important job as a photographer making a graphic report on an orphanage in Hol-Box, near Can Cun, Mexico. There, Tofio and Sarah meet Father O'Higgins and Sister Sophia, the ones in charge of the children. Toöo teaches Sarah how to make good photos. Sarah takes a really good photo and Tofio sends it to an international contest; it gets to the final round. When Tofio and Sarah come back to Monterrey, where Tofio lives, they invite Rosa Maria and her family to a picnic to a nearby mountain. There a terrible accident happens and the son of Rosa Maria is about to fall into a cliff; Tofio saves him but in the action he falls down. From the distance is seems as if Sarah pushes him to the abyss. Rosa Maria believes that and accuses Sarah of murder; as a motive she alleges that it was Tofio and not Sarah who actually took the photo that is about to win an international award and a Jot of money. Sarah flees to Hol Box to protect herself from Rosa Maria, who hires a couple of mercenaries to kidnap Sarah and put in jail. Once Sarah is in jail, she meet an American lawyer that works for the USA Consulate in Monterrey who helps her to win her freedom back by proving that the photo was actually taken by Sarah, so he found the original photo without editing, where Toöo appears squatting and smiling. Rosa Maria recognizes then that there is no motive for Sarah to kill his brother. Sarah is released and go back to USA, where she became a very famous photographer; however, after some years, she decides to go back to Hol Box to teach photography to the orphans there and live to help others remembering always all the teachings her beloved Tofio once gave her.

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